Friday, July 12, 2013

MOPS: A Beautiful Mess

I guess it's about time I start messing around with centerpiece ideas for this upcoming MOPS season. For anyone who does not already know, the theme this year is... 
A Beautiful Mess: Embrace Your Story

Wow. This theme is so powerful to me. As I sit here in my living room, I can honestly tell you that I am surrounded by one gigantic mess. The trash is overflowing. There are dishes piled up on the counter. I'm resting my feet on a pile of clean laundry... And there's toys everywhere. It looks like a toy volcano erupted all over the entire house. How can one toddler make this much of a mess? This morning as I was standing in the devastation of the Mt. Toy eruption and messy kitchen, all I saw was  the "mess." Looking now at the somewhat smaller pile of dishes and the slightly smaller toy devastation area I can see... the beauty of my son eagerly flinging his toys about because he recently learned how to throw a ball to daddy and know everything is a throw toy... the wonderful time my husband and I spent indulging on Chinese take-out and a Netflix movie, instead of cleaning up the breakfast and lunch dishes... In a way my household mess is beautiful to me. It's the story of our family. I'm excited to see what other messages will come through the Beautiful Mess theme this year.

Okay, okay. Lets get down to business. This is my first year as the craft coordinator and my first assignment is to come up with table centerpieces. I've been working with a few ideas the last few days. I'm sure there will be lots more fiddling until we get it right. Here's what I have so far... 

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